If there were such a thing as death, that which is called birth would be the first death. That which is called resurrection is the complete transcendence above and beyond the miasma of this supposed ‘first death’, called birth. Those of us who transcend the supposed first death right here in the midst of apparent dualism know there is no second death,  because the inseparable one and only consciousness is revealed in illumination to be the only consciousness of each and everyone of us.


In full transcendence, there are no temples, churches, no priests, ministers, masters, leaders, gurus or teachers. Neither are there any ‘organisations’ or' groups.' Completely beyond and above all duality, there is no ‘twoness’ and no ‘otherness’. Complete transcendence is the complete light that you are where no separation is known. Living in full consciousness we are above and beyond any vibration of fear, pain, sorrow or worry. We walk in the light, as the light in absolute freedom.



As a little girl she used to stand in the yard at night and try to touch a star with her hands. Reaching into the night she felt even then that the whole universe was within her.


Growing up it seemed she had no choice but to find answers to the burning questions of why we’re here,  and  ‘Who am I?’. She studied many of the Eastern and Western mystics and many translations of their books, deciding in the end to find all of the answers  for herself.


She finally discarded her career as a concert pianist and went into seclusion in the desert for eight years. One night she says ‘I was amazed to discover the room was lighted. At first I thought that I must have unknowingly turned on the light. Then I realised that the light in the room was not from any artificial source and I knew that the answers I had been intensely seeking from childhood were revealing themselves. I quickly reached for a writing pad and I wrote all the answers to the questions I’d had as they came, and I wrote by the light that literally flooded that room!’




In Marie Watts book ‘You are the splendour’, she says whenever an apparent healing takes place the body remains but what is called the disease or abnormality dis-appears! This is because the frequency of reality or enlightened consciousness sees and perceives the reality of the perfection of all form. She goes on to say that illumination reveals the uninterrupted perfection to be a constant fact of the eternal perfect body of each and every identity in existence, the Light Body!


The next question would be how can I experience illumination? What can I do that will enable me to be an enlightened being? She says stop denying the fact that you are already enlightened consciousness! Admit that you are already that one enlightened consciousness, the only consciousness in existence! In fact, no matter how unaware of this fact you may seem to be, the fact remains that what has been called ‘Illumined Christ Consciousness’ is the only genuine consciousness in existence.




The light (the infinite essence of all form) is eternal. The eternality of this light (pure consciousness) is eternal. It never began and it never ends and has no circumference.

Within this infinite light that you are is infinite variety. This variety does not mean that it has any more or less light exisiting as any specific aspect of this light. Its just that what can be called a human being can become aware that in full consciousness ' he is the light that lighteth everything in the world' or  he is the substance of all form.

The essence called universal light or 'spirit' is unconfined and is not confined within the form called body. It is only when your attention is only focused on the form called body that problems may appear to arise but this is only to push you back into your true essence or full consciousness where there are no problems.

In full illumination you are often not aware of your body and any apparent problem will dis-appear. Its because of the frequency that it dis-appears, the frequency of full open consciousness.





Because consciousness is infinite ‘you are infinite’  . Because consciousness is the only intelligence ‘you are the only intelligence’. Because consciousness is the only reality ‘you are the only reality’. Because the essence of all life is spirit or consciousness in form you are the essence of all life or consciousness in form.

 This infinite essence appears as all bodies in form across and including the universe and all separations known as bodies or countries.

 Because this one consciousness is never just confined to a body you are never just confined to a body. The power of the conscious knowing or realisation of this fact is your freedom from all disease because of the vibration or frequency.





Richard Maurice Bucke – Born in England, the son of a minister, then emigrating to Canada. He wrote his best known work in 1901 ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. It was while riding in a hansom cab in the streets of London in 1872 that Bucke experienced ‘spiritual illumination’ which he loosely described as an experience of ‘inner light’ and a sense of himself and the universe as a living presence along with knowing of his immortal nature.

His book ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ contains over 150 cases of persons having the same experiences and goes on to say in its own way that when the soul is ripe its very light merges with the ‘universal light’.

Many of the mystical writings of the East and West align with this great soul. ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ has been described by Sri Ramakrishna, Plotinus, Dante, Swedenborg, Walt Whitman, St Teresa of Avila, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mohamed, Buddha, Jesus and many of the great philosophers, mystics and saints in many ways. But in Bucke’s book and certainly in Marie Watts case, she tries to say that the experience is quite normal when the soul is aligned to unconditional love.

In mystical writings it is held that the human soul can reach to such a degree of perfection that it can contemplate its very own nature and consciously be at one with the source of all life ‘spirit’, experiencing actually being the substance of all form. Marie S Watts in her writings virtually says the same thing as do many of the great saints and sages of India, that in one simple flash of illumination, all is revealed to you.


Because consciousness is infinite, you are infinite. You are everywhere. Because you are the everywhere, wherever your attention is focused, then you are there. In this way you realise that there is here to you. You are without circumference.


In like manner, your attention may be called to something that seemed to happen in the past –

 although there is no past or future because consciousness is always complete now.


So the so-called past event is right here within my consciousness. If I supposedly looked ahead a

day, a month, a year or a hundred years, the seeming future is within my consciousness now, so it

 – the future- is  ‘now’ to me! Thus it is apparent that there is no time and there is no space. All is

 happening now because my consciousness is always complete, the one and only consciousness

 in existence.

         Because "I am" the substance of all form yesterday, today and forever, "now"!





There appears to be: doggy consciousness, pussy cat consciousness, crocodile consciousness,

 budgerigar consciousness, and what happens to be human consciousness. There’s all sorts of

things that appear to be conscious – and they are.  But when you consciously see that its only the

 light of energy in the spine that’s running the show, and then become conscious that you are that

 light that’s running the show, you become what they call ‘self realised’ or ‘god consciousness.’


 And that vibration is so high that it can reveal (heal) reality. Why? Because its gone from being

 a body vibration to a universal (reality) vibration. That how the great lights did their work.






There is no disease in god consciousness (full consciousness) which is the only consciousness there is. The trouble with just body consciousness (human consciousness) is that it supports the appearance world and buys into the dream.






The trouble with absoluty land is that it is still in the mind, still linear and not inclusive. It doesn’t include the mountain (the appearances) so by its very nature it automatically judges, which subtely, very subtely, gives power to the appearances.

Full consciousness is of the heart which is holographic! It doesn’t judge or avoid, but includes the mountain and everything on and in it. This automatically gives appearances no power! Let them be what they want to be, because full consciousness by its very nature is love, which is all pervasive.






I am everywhere and everything. I am the butterfly, reptile, bird with its song. I am the beggar, prostitute, king and queen. I am the galactic astral being, the professor or the artist, the soldier, sailor and musician. Because ‘I am’ all,  including the unconscious and fully conscious, the screen and the images, the pleasure, show and glory, I know that I am free, and all manner of things are well, because I consciously know that I am the energy of light that runs the whole show.








When you are in love with the infinite invisible you are actually falling in love with the universe and all of its forms. So you are falling in love with your real self, universal love, not a personal love, and everything will flow to you, but this time in the right order!






This one universal consciousness called spirit is here and now  only conscious of being the

 eternal, living, swirling light of itself and everything in form.


It is the forever moving, perfect, intelligent, complete living life of the universe and all its form. The hypnotism is that you have an ego and think there’s a you! And that appearance world or what has been called the human condition, blocks that one and only universal consciousness (the only consciousness that is in existence) from being a complete eternal expression of itself.


So you just keep coming backwards and forwards in body consciousness to get it, to get the Light Body!








J B Priestly dreamed the following after helping with bird-ringing at St Catherine’s lighthouse on the Isle of Wight:

I dreamt I was standing at the top of a very high tower, alone, looking down upon myriads of birds in the world. It was a noble sight, this vast aerial river of birds. But now in some mysterious fashion the gear was changed, and the time speeded up, so that I saw generations of birds, watched them break their shells, flutter into life, weaken, falter and die. Wings grew only to crumble; bodies were sleek and then in a flash, bled and shrivelled; and death struck everywhere and at every second. What was the use of all this blind struggle towards life, this eager trying of wings, all this gigantic meaningless biological effort?


As I stared down, seeming to see every creature’s ignoble little history almost at a glance, I felt sick at heart. It would be better if not one of them, not one at all, had been born, if the struggle ceased forever.


I stood on my tower, still alone, desperately unhappy, but now the gear was changed again and time went faster still, and it was rushing by at such a rate, that the birds could not show any movement but were like an enormous plain sown with feathers. But along this plain, flickering through the bodies themselves, there now passed a sort of white flame, trembling, dancing, then hurrying on; and as soon as I saw it I knew this flame was life itself, the very quintessence of being.


And then it came to me, in a rocket-burst of ecstasy, that nothing mattered, nothing could ever matter, because nothing else was real, but this quivering, hurrying lambency of being. Birds, man or creatures not yet shaped and coloured, all were of no account except in so far as this flame of life travelled through them. It left nothing to mourn over behind it; what I had thought of as a tragedy was mere emptiness of a shadow show, for now all real feeling was caught and purified and danced on ecstatically with the white flame of life. I had never felt before such deep happiness as knew at the end of my dream of the tower and the birds….

The Opening of the Third Eye:-

While you live in just body consciousness, all you see is form.

When you get out of body consciousness, all you see is light! (……….but remember, the light includes all form………..and all form includes the light!)







Suppose you are asked: ‘Who created all this multiplicity in the world; who is responsible for all this variety?’ What will you answer?…..The correct response is, ‘There is no multiplicity at all!’….The one divine self remains the one self forever. You mistake it as many. The fault is in you. Correct your vision. Remove your delusion. The divinity did not change into the world just as the rope did not change into a snake. In the dark you mistook the rope to be a snake, but it remains a rope. So also, the divine self remains the divine self though your ignorance of this fact makes you see it as world……The world of diversity stands on one leg called delusion. Cut down that leg and the world falls….I often tell you not to identify even with this particular body. You do not understand. You call me by only one name and believe I have only one form, but there is no name I do not bear and there is no form which is not mine.


After long searches here and there in temples and in churches, at last you come back completing the circle from where you started, and find he for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries, is the nearest of the near…..your very self….the realty of your life, body and soul. Assert it! Manifest it!


You as body, mind or soul are a dream. But what you really are is pure existence, knowledge, bliss. You are the God of this universe. You are creating this whole universe and drawing it in. To gain the Infinite the miserable little prison individuality must go. Follow the heart. A pure heart seeks beyond the intellect. It gets inspired…..Within you is the mighty ocean of nectar divine. Seek it within you. Feel it. It is here, the self. It is not the body, the mind, the intellect. All these are simply manifestations. Above all these you are. You appear as the smiling flower, as the twinkling stars. What is there in the world which can make you desire anything?


Sai Baba



Consciousness is always complete. It’s the things that are within consciousness that would appear to be hypnotised and evolving back into where they came from, ie. full consciousness, the only consciousness in existence, which is always complete.






At the moment you may not appear to see your eternal perfect body of light. Please do not be perturbed or dismayed. You may experience many aspects of illumination, as stated in ‘You are the splendour’, and yet the body of light does exist, even though it seems just now to be invisible. You could not be alive unless the body of light were right here, because the body of light is the very life that you are in form.


This beautiful body of light will be seen. Actually it is inevitable that it will be visible. Before the fallacy called ‘birth’ seemed to overtake you, this body of light was the only body you knew yourself to have or to be; it is here now! Don’t try to see it. Be assured that it is here, and that it may be seen when you least expect it to be visible. You are enlightened or illumined consciousness right now. If you were not enlightened, you would not be reading these words, so just calmly confidently continue in the way, and the substance in form that is will be seen.


Marie S Watts




If you kill off the survival thinking maligning personal story ridden human mind, you will change your frequency and change your form.

 (see 'Light body')



You will find that there isn't a lot of humour in the absolute. The very word itself means the absence of the wonder of the inclusivity of diversity.



The intuition of Astral beings pierces through the veil and observes human activities on earth, but man cannot view the astral world unless his sixth sense is somewhat developed. Thousand of earth dwellers have momentarily glimsed Astral beings or an Astral world.


Sri Yuktesvar.




When infinite intelligence perceives its idea – mountain, cloud, tree, ocean, flower, grain of sand, body, animal or any other thing, it is conceived within itself the one and only consciousness whole (holy) consciousness that there is! It forms it in its entirety, is the substance of it and it never belongs to another and is always a perfect idea.


Alfred Aitkin



I walked into a coffee shop this morning and I saw and knew that all the people standing around and the insects and birds and flies and animals had no life of their own and that they were nothing of themselves! They were all just amazing and wonderful things held up and run by infinite intelligence…..but I knew it……and that their pain and suffering was solely in the fact that they thought they had a life of their own.

I saw and knew that there was truly only the one consciousness, (the one all intelligent light functioning them and ‘I’was that!) and that nothing else had any power. ‘I’ also knew that nothing else mattered but living this truth, writing about it, and communicating it in every possible way.






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