The power of no thoughts.



When you cease to get involved with thoughts in any way, this will deprive them of your attention and belief and they will decrease and finally disappear. By declining to become involved in thoughts that keep the illusion of the false self ‘alive’ by associating it with various forms, this self will disappear as the illusion it is. When this happens, creation will no longer be overlayed with the mind’s projection of the ego but will be the reflection of ‘the One Self ’ There is nothing other than the Self in the universe. All the things you see as existing in the phenomenal world are but reflections of the One Self’


Since the illusion of the false ‘I’ is created by thoughts, if thoughts were to cease, this illusion would be dispelled. The false ‘I’ may react with fear to the prospect of not existing. To counteract this fear, it is useful to realise that much of the time you have no sense of an ‘I’ anyway and you get along fine without it. For example, when you are fully in the present moment, there is no sense of a self doing or being anything.


A sense of self can only arise when you separate from the present and indulge in conceptual thoughts. Things happen just fine when you are one with the present, your conscious mind is absent, and there is no notion of a self doing or being anything. In fact, things may happen much better than if you imagine there is a self who is doing what is happening and then try to use this imaginary self to control events.


You can live perfectly well without the notion of a part-time self that only arises when you have become separated from the present. P75-77




(Extract from The Power of Thoughts by John Goldthwaite Ph.D, published by Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust ,Prasanthi Nilayam, Anatapur District, Andrha Pradesh. 515 134, India. E mail





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