'The planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels. Some of us are playing the good guys and some of us the bad guys, but sooner or later the play is going to be over. After the makeup and the costumes are removed, who is going to remain?


Just celestial beings of light who have completed a grand adventure, a tiny cosmic play. In the meantime, during those days where you find yourself grouchy and mean, or sobbing with tragedy, try to remember what is really happening.


We are being called upon to let go of and complete our entrire embodiments in just a few short 'years'. Honour the process we have made, bless those emotions and experiences. Soon enough you will be graduating from the human condition, and who knows maybe then we will discover how much fun it was, and will be sorry it is over………..'


'The Star Borne' 3rd edition 1991 page 109








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