"You say God's children are dying on every hand
and none within your generation has accomplished
the ideal of everlasting and eternal life, peace, har-
mony, and perfection which I idealize. You say that
accomplishment must come after death; so you let
go and find for a time that it is much easier to drift
on and on with the human tide on the downward trend.

"Again, the race consciousness has had another
setback; another who had a great spiritual enlight-
enment and understanding and could have suc-
ceeded, has failed and the race consciousness has
another binding hold upon humanity. Generation
after generation gives it a still greater and tenacious
grip. Is it any wonder that human nature becomes
weak and frail; and each in turn follows on and on,
in the same eternal treadmill, the blind following the
blind, on and on into eternal oblivion; and into the
great vortex, where not only the body is forced into
dissolution and decay, but the soul is ground be-
tween the never-relenting millstones of human per-
ception and mistakes?

"If you would realize, as I did and as so many have
done, that it is far easier to work out your own
problem in one earthly experience
than it is to go on
and on and accumulate a race consciousness of good
and evil that soon becomes an encrusted shell; that
has been added to, layer by layer, upon an encrusta-
tion by each succeeding experience, until it takes
superhuman force and sledge-hammer blows to
break the shell and release your true self.


Quotation from chapter XVIII Vol 3 – "Life And Teaching of The Masters of The Far East" by Baird T Spalding